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Are veterans being hit with a disadvantage when they leave the military?

Are veterans being hit with a disadvantage when they leave the military?

I have over 20 years of experience working with military clients who transition from the military into a new career. In my experience working with these individuals, many of them are curious about the odds of getting hired over someone that is non-military. They often assume a disadvantage, take it on, and then it affects […]

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Transition with your family in mind

Have you been in the military for a number of years? Are you concerned about how a transition is going to work? It is natural to not know what civilian life is going to be like. What are things going to cost? Where are you going to live? What do you want your life to […]

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Transitioning from the military: Making your money work for you

Are you making enough money to comfortably transition from military to civilian life? It can be difficult to know how much money you and your family will need when transitioning, especially because your financial needs will change once you are out. There are natural lifestyle changes that happen when you transition from military to civilian […]

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Is Healthcare a Concern as You Transition from the Military?

As you transition from the military into civilian life you might be asking, “When it comes to healthcare where do I start?” So many of us transition out of the military and want to take care of our families and ourselves. Although we previously had healthcare in the military, we now have to find new […]

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Strategically Transition from Military to Civilian Life

Are ready for your transition from military life to civilian life? Do you want to be able to hit the ground running with your plan and goals as a civilian? Other people will get out of the military and feel unprepared for the culture shock of civilian life. It demands a totally different mindset than […]

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3 Keys to Success Beyond the Military: It’s your choice, Now what?

Finding a career using your skill and abilities from the military can seem impossible. How do you translate duties the military told you to do and responsibilities that will get you a job you want?   Can you relate to having a lack of stability when you can’t find a job that meets your needs?  In […]

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A Navy Seal and a 90 Year Old Lady

What does a Navy Seal and a 90 year old lady have in common? Plenty. But let me start with a disclaimer. Earlier this week in was getting ready to board a flight in Dallas/Forth Worth, TX to San Diego, CA. And as I pride myself on meeting new individuals everyday, this trip was no […]

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Unemployment Rate Has Fallen

Great news today, Unemployment rate fell to 3.9% But what does this really mean? During the month of July 2018, the U.S. added 157,000 jobs. For all intensive purposes we are at near or “full” employment…meaning every American that is able or willing to get a job has one. Specifically, jobs were added in the […]

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