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Rediscovering Your Life’s Mission™

This program will give you the basic training foundation for what it takes to have a successful transition from your military to a new civilian life. This is not a few days at the end of your military comment of classroom training, but real-world training with a program that blends group sessions and one-on-one coaching to give you the benefits of individual attention as well as learning from shared experiences of others.

This workshop is the foundation for Creating a Resume that Gets Results! Series, Ace Your Interview, and Get Paid What Your Worth! Series, Networking, Where Most of the Jobs Are! Series, and Do You Know Your Veteran’s Administration (VA) Benefits? Series, but not a required prerequisite. You can enroll in any or all of these Series’, at a very reasonable investment of $37 each. 
We offer these four frequent webinars addressing some of the most common questions individuals face when leaving active duty. These online events provide an opportunity to meet fellow veterans, establish valuable connections, and get helpful feedback and advice. Facilitated by our expert coaches, these webinars are available at convenient times throughout the year on a rotational basis, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your schedule.

Upcoming Sessions:

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Service Transitions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.    All donations are tax-deductible within the guidelines of the IRS.    Tax ID: 86-1313267

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