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Food Resources

For reasons completely out of our control, at times a little extra assistance is needed. SNAP, also known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, is intended to help low-income families buy food and keep their loved ones fed. More than 20,000 military families are included in the numbers of those who need SNAP to make ends meet.

Housing Resources

We know that eight in 10 service members leave the military without a job, even though you expected to quickly find meaningful employment. You expected to be able to make a living in the place that you fought to protect. Yet most of you are struggling to make ends meet, many of you struggle to set up the basic structures of civilian life, and some cannot even afford to rent a place to live.

Housing options are available! One such option is a collaborative program between Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the VA Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH).

Physical and Mental Health Resources

We know that many of you have yet to discover the impacts of untreated mental and physical health issues. In fact, after leaving active duty, five out of 10 military veterans report a significant physical or mental health issue for which you are not receiving care. And one out of three veterans has considered suicide.

Many, many veterans are eligible for Health Care benefits and don’t even know it...I speak from personal experience, here! Whether it’s care in the community or internal to the VA Health Care System, get your questions answered here! Find out how to apply and manage the health care benefits you’ve earned.

Veterans Administration (VA) Resources

Starting to work with the VA can be a daunting thought! A great place to start with the VA is their newsletter VetResources. VetResources is a weekly newsletter for Veterans, their Families, Caregivers, and Survivors. It’s a great starting point for anything “VA”!

Vet Tix Free Veteran Event Ticket Resources

Vet Tix provides tickets to events which reduce stress, strengthen family bonds, build life-long memories and encourage service members and veterans to stay engaged with local communities and American life. Vet Tix secures tickets to sporting events, concerts, performing arts, educational and family activities across the nation.


Employment after Deployment by William Loeber

EMPLOYMENT after DEPLOYMENT – Using the Operation Hand Up System for your Transition provides an easy-to-follow, practical system to help military service members land a good job in the private sector. It is based on the award-winning system the author created in 2013, Operation Hand Up, and used to train over 600 veterans over the last seven years. Unlike most other books on job hunting, this book focuses on how to use networking to find your next employer. Since 80% of jobs are filled via a referral, it is vital that job seekers today learn networking skills. If they don’t, they cut themselves off from 8 out of 10 job opportunities. Most books on job search mention the value of networking but gloss over the details on exactly how to do it effectively – the tips and tricks. The fact is, most people, especially transitioning military members, are not used to networking, don’t know how to do it, and honestly, hate it. Because they dislike it so much, they are inclined to ignore networking and rely too much on the online job application process which has less than a 1% chance of hiring success. In Employment after DEPLOYMENT, the author shares a system that anyone can master, regardless of how introverted they might be. The Operation Hand Up System has eight layers, each building on the previous one. It starts with the job hunting facts of life and why the employer ecosystem seem to be so unpredictable and difficult to figure out. Next are the preparation layers where the job seeker analyzes job postings, determines the critical job requirements, assesses their own strengths and “gaps” relative to the requirements, and translates their military body of work into terminology the civilian world understands. Next, the Laws of Networking are explained. This is the heart and soul of the book, and explains why there is a wrong way and a right way to approach people when networking. The “magic” of intelligent networking is the Law of 3 Degrees of Separation. This law creates a “chain of connections” for job seekers, leading to a job opportunity with someone you didn’t know before being introduced by someone in your newly established network. An entire chapter is dedicated to the proper use of LinkedIn, the world’s most powerful software platform dealing with 3 Degrees of Separation. The remainder of the book is about creating your job hunting “tackle” (resume, LinkedIn profile, business cards, Interview Q&A, and references) which helps you get your message out and close the deal in interviews. This book is a quick read, full of practical hands-on techniques to help the transitioning service member out-perform other job seekers in the pursuit of their career goals. Now, who’s a veteran out there looking for a job?

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